Favorite Beauty Products Currently


Last month I did a post on my “Daily Makeup Routine” and recently I changed it up a bit with new products and I love them. I change up pretty frequently between expensive and less expensive items and this time I splurged, not regretting it one bit. With that being said, this post is brought to you by my current favorite products. Some of these products I used in my last post but majority are recently purchased. Let’s start the review ;)

Mascara: “Better than Sex”-Too faced I have used this mascara before and FINALLY got more from when I ran out. It makes your eyelashes so thick and full and lasts all day which is so important to me. I also found that it doesn’t clump like most mascaras do.

Contour: “Naked Flushed”-Urban Decay I was looking for the perfect contour kit but not something where I wasn’t going to fully use it. This on the other hand is perfect for me and includes: a bronzer, highlighter, and blush. When contouring I like to keep it simple and this kit gives off the perfect “glow”.

Eyeliner: “24/7 Velvet”-Urban Decay This eyeliner is the perfect combo: bold, long-lasting, and smooth.

Foundation: “Naked Skin-Weightless Ultra Defintition”-Urban Decay FAVORITE foundation by far. It makes the skin flawless, literally with it’s smoothness and I would totally feel comfortable just wearing this and nothing else.

Foundation Brush-by: IT- I LOVE this foundation brush it smooths it in perfectly.

Powder: “Naked Skin”-Urban Decay A great coverage powder.

Translucent Powder-Too Faced I apply this over my foundation and powder to “set” my makeup in and give it a matte finish.

Eyeshadow- “Boudoir Eyes”-Too Faced I am not one to always wear eyeshadow and that’s why I love this pallet because it has the perfect neutral shades.

Lipstick-“Melted”-Too Faced I have already done a review of this product in one of my previous posts and that tells you how AWESOME it is ;)


Mascara here// Eyeshadow here // Powder here// Foundation here// Foundation Brush here// Translucent Powder here// Lipstick here// Contour Kit here// Eyeliner here




Tunic Dress && Boots

As I am sitting here preparing this blog post I am wishing for the weather from this past weekend in which these photos take place. This was my Sunday look and the location of these photos were from behind my condo. If you have read my previous blog posts and follow me on Instagram you have seen this dress before but in a different color. The “Tunic Dress” is the most versatile dress and I had to go back and get another color to add to my collection. It’s also the most comfy (I know I say that a lot) but this girl is all about comfort and feeling good in what I’m wearing. It has the perfect “flow” fit and is a perfect staple to any wardrobe. I also know I have been wearing my cowgirl boots quite a lot but they are my faves and there’s nothing wrong with over wearing your favorite shoes, right!? ;)

DRESS (PIKO) here // BOOTS (Frye) here// BAG (Louis Vuitton) // SUNNIES (Ray-Bans) here

BRACELETS: (David Yurman) // EARRINGS (Kate Spade) here


Mardi Gras

Happy Monday loves! Today’s look is from this past Saturday for Mardi Gras in Pensacola,FL and it was a blast. It was such a beautiful day but still a little cool so jeans and a top like the one I’m wearing was the perfect combo. Not to mention these (jeans) are jeggings also known as jean leggings and if you haven’t tried a pair, it’s a must. In the cooler months, I prefer leggings over anything and the combo of a jean and a legging is perfect! It was also Valentine’s as you all know and I of course changed into my dress for the night. Any ways, I am beyond ready for the warm beautiful weather to stay and unfortunately when I arrived back in Tuscaloosa it is cloudy and pretty chilly with a chance of possible snow this week. Keeping this post short and sweet wishing you all a fab Monday!

TOP: LuLu’s here//JEANS: Abercrombie here//BOOTS: Frye  here//BAG: Louis Vuitton


Valentines or “Gal”entines Day

Hi loves! So we all know that Valentines is just ONE full day away which means it’s time to get those last minute outfits or gifts. Today I thought it would be a great idea to share outfit ideas (including the one I’m wearing) and gift ideas for those stumped on what to wear or those whom still haven’t got a gift. The gift guide is really for girls and a little *hint hint* for their boyfriends/husbands on what to get. So if you’re a girl reading this and like some of the items I’ve picked out, send your significant other right on over to this post  ;). Any ways, Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays and I think it’s because of all the pink overload and unlimited candy LOL oh and all the love in the air duh! HA! It’s also the perfect excuse to dress up. Even if you don’t have someone to spend V-Day with, why not make it a “Gal”entines Day/Night and spend it with your girlfriends. Um HELLO wine, chocolate, dressing up, and maybe even a dance party. Perfect right!? Well my rant is over and I hope you enjoy what I’ve come up with. XOXO.



My outfit for the night ^

This lovely dress and statement necklace is from ShopHopes and I will be pairing it with my black over the knee boots (since it’s going to be cold).



1) The “PIKO” brand tunic dress is perfect paired with wedges or a heel and a long necklace.

2) Sweater && Skirt from Forever21 with an H&M scarf. Pair this look with tall riding boots or over the knees.



Lipstick (Toofaced Melted) here // Sunglasses (Raybans) here // Eyeshadow (Toofaced Chocolate Bar) here// Watch (Michael Kors) here

Ring (Pandora) here// Wristlet (Michael Kors) here// Earrings (Michael Kors)

Victoria Secret Gift Card


The Best Lipstick Ever.Literally.

tumblr_njlci6iphg1shuanio1_500Photo Credit: Tumblr

As I was walking around in Ulta yesterday getting new makeup and of course browsing new products, I came across the “Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick” and I decided to grab one of my very own. I love lipstick and I especially love a lipstick that lasts more than a half an hour. Today I tried the new product and immediately fell in love, it also lasted a good four hours (ahhhhh). I also think this color “Frosting” is a perfect color for Valentines, spring time, and an everyday subtle look. I will be adding more colors to my collection sooner than later ;).

View entire collection here




Hi loves! So for the past couple of weeks I have been working on my new site and still trying to get a few things together. On top of figuring out how my new self hosted site works, I have been busy with school. With that being said, I hope my new site appears improved and you are able to see all of my content. Any ways, today’s look is a simple look and I must add rather comfortable. This weekend’s weather was amazing and I decided to turn this orange top into a dress because of how warm it was outside. I also added knee high knitted socks and an under lace top to add some minor details and to dress the look up. Hope you all are having a fabulous Monday!

Top: H&M // Knee high socks: H&M // Lace Under Tank: Karlie // Boots: Frye // Bag: Louis Vuitton


Dreaming of Warmer Days

It’s that time of year when I start to wish for warmer days and I think most of my southern friends can say the same. I am from Florida where my favorite time of the year is the beach occupied with concerts at an outdoor amphitheater. Spring break is right around the corner for me and one of the biggest events I am looking forward to is the Florida Georgia Line concert. This post is brought to you by daydreaming of warmer weather soon to come and picking out outfits to enjoy it. I have put together some casual/cool outfits that are perfect for any occasion, especially an outdoor concert ;). Hope you all enjoy!

Be a Barbie Girl

Wildfox Couture has a super adorable and fun line out right now that I HAD to share. It is the Barbie Dreamhouse line and if this doesn’t bring out your inner girly then I don’t know what will. It is actually the resort 2014 lookbook and can easily go into this spring. If you don’t know what resort wear is; it is basically specialized clothing for those whom travel to warmer climates such as for Christmas/New Year’s. This lookbook also includes a couple recipes and a fun workout playlist. I was already pretty obsessed with Wildfox due to the free-spirit vibe their clothing and accessories give off. Wildfox stands out in the most fun and intriguing way. Hope you all enjoy!

View the entire lookbook here

Shop the look here


Why You Should Never Settle For Less Than What You Deserve

As a full time college student and a busy girl in her early 20s, I do not always have time to blog. With that being said, it is hard for me to keep content for my blog such as pictures and that’s why I have decided to expand my blog a little bit. I am still going to run this as mostly fashion but I am also going to write posts in which I feel people can relate to, such as today’s. I have been going back and forth on this for a while now and I hope you can relate in someway.


This era of time there are many of us who settle for less than what we deserve. From relationships to friendships to even bad habits, I believe we all have settled and if you haven’t yet experienced it then you will. It is part of life. We all know that saying, “you get what you give” but is this really true when you really stop and think about it? I don’t believe it is. Yes maybe in some circumstances but how about the times when you are treating others with nothing but love and respect and get the complete opposite in return. This past year for me has had many ups and many downs and it has molded me into the person I am today. I have grown up a lot and became more aware of things. I do not regret my past one little bit and know it has made me into the young woman I am becoming and have already became. I have settled a few times in life and from those times I have learned that it isn’t worth it. If you as a person are giving someone your all and not getting it in return then why settle? I believe “settling” has become such a common thing in today’s world and it just isn’t worth it. Settling is becoming “okay” with how your living your life in the moment and feeling comfortable even when you know you can do better as a person. It is also becoming okay with how your being treated when you know you deserve better.The truth is everyone deserves “someone” and “something” that is just as great of a person and of great quality. Everyone has the ability and opportunity to not settle and to be anyone you want to be in life. Life is too short to settle especially when you know you deserve better. Becoming a better and happier version of you is one of the biggest reasons “why you should never settle for less than what you deserve”. There is a person out there to treat you with the respect you deserve, friends whom will do the same, and opportunities to live life to the fullest. If you think you are just “settling”, whether it be in a relationship or a bad habit, get rid of that something and start living life to the fullest, as it is not worth it.


3 Ways to Wear the Tunic Dress

Hello loves! As I have been very busy with school (already) blah, I thought it was time for another blog post. Yesterday I went shopping around and bought a few cute things to add to my wardrobe. One of them being a tunic dress like the one I am wearing below, in which I snapped a quick selfie when trying on and of course had to buy the shoes to go with it. I love a good tunic and think they are so versatile. While I am going for a more dressed up look with the booties, you can also dress the tunic down as well. I love how comfortable it is and it is great for any body type. So today I am sharing 3 ways to wear a tunic dress from casual to dressy and some accessories to add to it. Tunics are also great to wear with leggings or tights underneath and great for any occasion. So if you’re looking for an easy and comfortable go to look, I suggest investing in one of these. Hope you all have a great day! :)