Uncategorized Rainy days~ rain boots and messy buns January 13, 2014

Hello lovelies and Happy Monday! Today in Tuscaloosa it is very wet and rainy so it was hard for me to get a good quality outfit shot and it made me be extra creative for today's post. Besides my two classes I have for the day, when it is rainy and cold all I want to do is stay in my small studio apartment and read magazines, journal new ideas, and play on my iPad. Since it is the beginning of the semester I don't have homework so I was lucky enough to just relax today (until my next class). I also got to use my iPhone camera lens I got for Christmas and let me tell you it came in handy as I used it to shoot a few photos of myself. The lens is so convenient, as it attaches to your iPhone and very easy to use and takes great pictures (I'm in LOVE). Before I started blogging, I started photography and received my first pro camera which I use for all of my pictures that I blog and still very much enjoy taking pictures of others and fashion photography. Since I can't take my big camera everywhere with my new iPhone lens I can! Any ways today's look is pretty casual and comfortable as I am in my favorite leggings (sorry I couldn't resist posting them again) with an over-sized top and scarf with my Hunter rain boots. Hope everyone has a wonderful day! xoxo 11 1 3 6 5 8 9 DSC_1825 DSC_1828

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