Uncategorized iPhone/iPad Apps for Fashionistas April 14, 2014

If you're like me, you enjoy downloading and spending time on apps you enjoy and have an interest you like. Today I thought it'd be fun and different to do my post on my 3 current favorite iPhone and iPad apps besides Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Not only do I enjoy browsing through the content of these apps and adding to my feed, I also love apps that give me inspiration. The first app which is specifically for iPad only is the StyleSpotter app and I love it! This app allows you to shop your favorite fashion brands all in one place while saving on your favorite items with their coupons and deals. StyleSpotter also notifies you when something you saved goes on sale (how awesome!). It's a lot like using Pinterest but for shopping. The next two apps I love to use is WeHeartIt and Tumblr. I'm sure most of you have heard of tumblr but if not it is where you reblog images you love to your page. While We Heart It is very similar yet different (as I'll go more into detail below) it allows you to "heart" images you love and adds to your page. These 3 apps inspire me, in the state of mind as a fashion lover, for future outfits, etc. Anyways I hope you enjoy these apps I am sharing! 🙂 stylespotter1 stylespot2 stylespot3         Style Spotter is pretty much amazing, especially if you love shopping ;)! Allowing you to save items, create collections for organization, and search through all categories. {Trending, Top Picks, New Arrivals, Price Drops, and specific categories such as clothing, etc.} For more information and to download the app go here. To follow me on StyleSpotter go here tumblr1 tumblr2       Follow accounts/people who inspire you and reblog your favorite images. Tumblr has been around for a while but I love it! It gives me a lot of inspiration and I enjoy expressing myself through photos. Follow me here. weheartit weheartit1     We Heart It allows you to browse all kinds of things you love through images and start a gallery of your favorites. I have recently become obsessed with We Heart It because its inspirational for fashion, hair, make up, quotes, etc. Download here. Follow me here. xoxo  

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