Uncategorized Tulle Tuesday April 9, 2014

Today's post is a little late but I must admit I had a very busy day which included studying and taking a test. So with that being said, tonight I am sharing tulle and a couple different ways to wear it. This new trend I've been seeing quite a bit and the more I see it, the more I want to try it myself. I think tulle is such a fun material to wear as it brings out your inner girlishness. I love the fact you can wear it dressy or casual even though its a very bold material.  It reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw's style from Sex and the City and what girl doesn't love her fun bold style!? Anyways I hope you enjoy this post as did I creating these looks :). tulletues 1) Top; Skirt; Shoes; Necklace 2) Dress; Shoes; Necklace 3) Top; Skirt; Shoes; Necklace xoxo  

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