Uncategorized Why do I blog? May 2, 2014

Why do I blog? I feel like a lot of people question and wonder why I blog or what exactly am I doing. I have wanted to do this post for a while and finally decided to do so, so here I go. Being a fashion blogger is something I have a huge passion for and look forward to posting each time I put together a post. I love expressing my self and my personal style and this blog definitely does that. I also love helping people and hope that in my posts in some way I either inspire someone or help in such ways as how to put together an outfit. As a blogger I feel you have to have a passion for writing and want to do it and that I have. I love putting together outfits and trying new things and this blog has helped me not only define my personal style but also helps me with my self confidence. Posting an outfit post of myself gives off the impression that I am so self confident, but truth is, like a lot of people I'm not but this blog definitely helps me improve. I would love to make a career out of fashion blogging one day and hey what's wrong with doing something you absolutely love and getting paid for it. It's also a plus to get fun goodies in the mail to try out and review. Any ways, I am always going to blog because I'm passionate about it no matter where it takes me.I also am very passionate about fashion and some may never understand the love I have for it but I am going to continue doing what I love. For all of the people who are and have been supportive, thank you so much. Thanks to all of my readers and followers, you guys are awesome! Thanks for listening to me blab 😉 blogger

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