Uncategorized How to Define your Personal Style June 5, 2014

Defining your personal style can be a bit difficult and if you’re like most girls you may feel the same. For me I have finally felt like I have defined my personal style and my blog has helped me. I love to try new and different things and at first my style was all over the place, but now I know exactly what to look for in a store without trying on a million different items. I hope this helps in some way or another. Here are some tips: 1)   STUDY YOURSELF. 2)   Know your best colors. From the many colors you have worn in your life, you have a favorite and know what colors best fit you. 3)   Know your patterns. Go with the pattern that is best for your shape. As for me, I love stripes but have to wear a certain type to accent my body type. 4)   Know your fit. Don’t try to wear a size down just to make yourself feel better. Truth is, all girls do it but nobody knows and honestly go up a size (it makes you look smaller). 5)   Find inspiration: Pinterest, Tumblr, Fashion blogs, magazines, etc. 6)   Be yourself: Very important!* Don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it. Do it because YOU like it. Oh and don’t be afraid of being yourself! 7)   Don’t be critical of yourself. Love yourself and not worry what others think. 8)   Be confident. Own your look, if you’re confident then there’s no reason for anyone to think less of you or your look. 9)   Know your limits. Whether it be cost, you don’t have to spend a fortune on clothes to look good. xoxo

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