Uncategorized Orange is the New Black June 9, 2014

Yep, you heard it "Orange is the New Black" and I'm not talking about the very popular TV show but literally it is. One of the hottest trends right now is orange and I think it's the perfect summer color. From pairing it with white, denim, and well pretty much anything. Today I am sharing some very cute orange items from clothing to accessories and whether you want a little pop of orange or a lot. If you're one to want to add orange to your wardrobe but think "hey, I don't think this is my color", start off by accenting with this fun color by adding orange accessories or even nail polish. I personally love the color but don't own to much of it and with that being said, I will be adding more to my wardrobe. So go out and buy something orange because orange IS the new black 😉 (LOL).
Top //  Shorts //  Shoes  //  Clutch  //  Earrings  //  Headband  //  Lipstick  //  Nailpolish

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