Uncategorized Think Like a Girl July 8, 2014

thinkgirl   We all know that all girls think alike and we also know that we “girls” are always thinking “am I the only one doing this”? Well the answer is that we girls all think the same and if you think otherwise well think again. Raise your glass if these thoughts have ever come through your head. So sit back, grab you a glass of wine, or two, and read. #1 “Do I look okay?” - Truth is every girl asks this question and not just once but at least on the daily. I feel as if this question will never go away, but if you’re a guy listening I know this gets annoying. Solution: Just say I look great don’t I!? Self confidence towards a guy is hot and if you show you’re confident, they will love you even more. Trust me. #2 “Why does she take so many selfies?” – If you just read that and thought, “nope this doesn’t concern me” ummm think again. Every girl has at least said that out loud or in her head at least once if not more. Solution: Be a boss, a girl boss and start posting selfies because we all know you want to. Get your perfect angle, lip gloss, shades, or anything else to make YOUR perfect selfie. BAMMMM! #3 “Why am I so fat?” – Yes, we all say it. It’s almost a habit. Solution: Embrace your curves and love the skin you’re in. Working out and eating healthy would also work but who wants to do that? HA! Just kidding, get healthy it’ll make you feel better. #4 “That’s SO cute, but it won’t look right on me.” – I know you have said this at least once in your life because there is always an ongoing fashion trend that you’re to nervous to try. Solution: Don’t be afraid to try anything. If you like it, try it. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and wear something you think is totally adorable. #5 “I’m never drinking again.” - Oh girl, I have said this, you have said this, your mother has even said this. Solution: Just drink. We all know you’re going to do it and if not the very next day. So how many times did you say, “Oh I’ve said that before!?”   P.S. Like this post? Please comment with feedback 🙂 I have been wanting to do a fun post like this for a while and would love to hear what you think! xoxo

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