Uncategorized Getting Back to What I Love September 8, 2014

Hi loves! I am so excited to share with you all that I am finally getting back into doing what I love doing, which is blogging of course. I know it has been a while since my last post and I have decided to not give up on something I truly love doing. Blogging has helped me in more ways than one. It has helped my self confidence, matured my writing skills, and given me a voice to share my life and true passion; fashion. These past two months so much has changed in my life, mostly for the better and although I've experienced quite a few changes  it has helped me re-evaluate my life and the person I truly am. I have gone from knowing how to be happy again to being lost and confused but I will say I am back to being happy again because I know I have God on my side. Being a christian girl has always been important to me but in the past I haven't been as close as I should be. Lately I have re-built my relationship with God and he has helped me in so many ways. Just a day ago I wondered why what was happening in my life was happening but I now have a peace of mind and know God has a plan for me. Some of you may be reading this thinking "why is she speaking of God so much?". Well it is very important to me to express my faith and maybe I can help others reading this to know if you have God in your life, you can have anything. Expressing myself has not been easy because I know quite a few people will be reading this but that's okay with me because it's who I am and in order to get back to where I want to be with my blog it was important to share some of my most recent experiences. This will not be an everyday post for me as I will be getting back into fashion blogging. I just felt the need to catch up a bit with my readers who I admire so much for following my blog and reading what is on my mind. Currently, I am searching for a photographer to capture my pictures and in hopes to find one soon. For now I will be doing outfits collages, recaps on recent fashion events, and anything else I feel like posting about that day. For those who don't know I am back in Tuscaloosa, AL attending school so that has kept me pretty busy but I am going to be making time for my blogging again. With that being said, be ready for future consistent posts. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a fab and blessed day! xoxo