fashion David Yurman Scented Rings August 25, 2015

YES! You read that title correctly and this is no joke, I repeat not a joke. My all time favorite jewelry designer David Yurman, has out done himself with the "Bubblegum Pinky Collection". These rings are not only adorable and chic but they also bring us back to our childhood; they're scented. I'm sure I'm not the only one excited about this news, especially if you're a HUGE Yurman fan like myself. As I was doing some surfing on the web and reading fashion articles, I stumbled upon Teen Vogue and Vanity Fair with this big news. I thought it wasn't real at first but of course it is and you can even sign up for the pre-sale event >here<. I am in LOVE with these adorable rings and the fact that they are scented is definitely icing on the cake! As a child I remember having scented everything (almost), from markers, erasers, stickers, etc. I would have never thought that such a classic ring would be scented but it has been done ladies and gents and one of the most fabulous things I've seen 😉 . Read the Teen Vogue article HERE && the Vanity Fair article HERE david-yurman-scented-pink-ring Photo Credits: David Yurman via Vanity Fair xoxo

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