fashion the FLARE September 9, 2015

If you don't already know, the beloved "Flare" jeans are back in action this season. Whether you dislike them or are scared to break them out again, today I have put together how to rock this trend. Personally, I am excited to try these out again since it was the early 2000's when I last did and when they were last "in". I am always a little nervous when breaking out new trends but that's the fun in it, am I right!? I think this look is adorable and can be worn so versatile. I am also ready for cooler weather, living in the South it seems like it takes forever to start cooling off. It also seems like a struggle sometimes to put together the "perfect" outfit for this in-between seasons time. Hope you all enjoy what I have put together and if you think this trend is adorable, don't be afraid to try it 😉 .   theflare click2

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