Beauty Kylie Lip Kit Review February 24, 2016

6 I finally got my hands on one of the most wanted lipstick and I was and still am very excited. It's the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit and I got the color "Dolce K"; although I really wanted "Posie K" and it was one of the first to sale out. I will admit that I do LOVE the color I got and so happy I decided on it. I have always been into bold lips but have never really used lip liner and it is something I need to work on a bit more LOL. I really do feel like I have "Kylie lips" using this lipstick and I love how plump they make my lips look. This matte lipstick is pretty awesome and very matte. It is easy to apply and it also smells delicious; it smells like the lip smackers Vanilla Frosting I use to get as a kid and I'm sure I'm not the only one 😉 . I have only wore it for this review so far because I just got it yesterday and know that it is a long lasting lipstick because it was a little difficult to remove it with my makeup remover wipes (which is a good thing). I love a long lasting lip because I sometimes forget to re-apply. These lip kits sale out VERY FAST! So fast that I had the color "Posie K" in my cart and when I clicked to pay it was out of my cart. My tip for you to get your hands on one of these is to go follow @KylieCosmetics on Instagram and go turn on post notifications on the profile to be notified every time she posts a new photo. That is how I got my hands on this one because she posts on her cosmetics page to let you know they are available again. I would also suggest going ahead and creating an account on and be logged in because it slows down the buying process if not. I am hoping to get a couple more colors and Kylie posted earlier today that it is less than a week until her next release. Hope you all have a fab rest of your day! 5 7 12 14