Lifestyle Life Update August 17, 2016

7edited Hi lovelies! Wow. It has been a while since the last time I updated my blog and a lot has happened since. I've missed blogging and thought that a "Life Update" would be the perfect post to start my blog back up. Since the last post, I've accomplished TWO of my dreams. One, I finally graduated from the University of Alabama! Can I get a Roll Tide!? πŸ˜‰ I graduated August 6th and couldn't be more excited to this day. I had a few set backs throughout the years but pulled through and finished out. 5 cap

My cap made the jumbo tron πŸ™‚ - kind of blurry but you get the point lol grad grad2

Another one of my dreams that recently became a reality is I launched an online boutique called Pink Market. I have had a dream to have my own boutique since I was a little girl and decided to start by launching an online one πŸ™‚ . I came up with the name by my love for pink. I will say as easy as it sounds, it was not easy to come up with a name. For the past two years I have been brainstorming on and off for names and one day I was on the phone with my mom discussing names and it just came to me. transparent You should definitely go check my boutique out πŸ™‚ Here are a few peeks at some new arrivals that just launched! 5 1 10 Other than two major accomplishments, I also got to move back home to my hometown of Pensacola, FL with my fiance. He is from Clanton, AL and we decided to make the move a few months ago. We have finally settled in and things are going great for us. It is so nice having someone that is your partner and best friend all in one. Which is how it's suppose to be, but I think about how lucky I am all of the time to have someone that is so sweet and caring towards me. Alright, enough with the sappy stuff. 8 Here's a recent photo of our little family πŸ™‚ . They make my heart so happy and our sweet Baylee girl brings so much joy to us. 4 Okay, so I am a little obsessed with our bedroom so here is a photo of the finished product! 3 2 Another exciting moment happened .. I found my wedding dress a couple of months ago and I am SUPER excited about it. Eeeekkkkk. xoxo